Infrastructure and Engineering Services (IES)



alt text Since the advent of our service distribution, DMG has established itself as a much sought-after brand in the highly prestigious space of development management consultancy. The foundation of any successful project is effective and efficient planning, on which lies the streamlined development process. As planning and development walks in tandem with the research & analysis (R&A) process, we have proficient teams, comprising experts of respective subjects sectors and industries, to carry forward the ingredients produced by R&A to the level of ideal and customized plan framework and implement process design.

DMG professionals religiously evaluates the clients’ business areas and its internal processes, detecting minutest of nuisance and trading off with the micro & macro socio-economic challenges and opportunities, to prescribe a cost-effective, risk-mitigated and high-productivity solution. Our methodical & customized solutions also takes care of streamlining process and enhance control of clients’ businesses by establishing performance and cost measurement systems.

DMG has carved a niche in the infrastructure sector and has accumulated loads of experience pertaining to infrastructure planning and development services. DMG’s service area under planning & development ranges from detailed business plan to pre-feasibility study; industry or market analysis to consumer research; feasibility study to implementation framework and resource planning to process & system renewal.