What We Do

Development Management Group (DMG) gcollaborates with government bodies, global corporations, institutions, and infrastructure & social organizations; help them in their different development programmes and deliver the results that endure.

Our approach in consultancy towards our clients; Government, Industries and various institutions is to provide an outstanding, efficient and cost effective project planning, implementation and management services. This stems from a philosophy built around people, quality and excellence. Commitment to excellence has been the company’s credo since the day of its inception and forms the central emphasis in all our operations.

There is a concerted corporate effort to render professional services of the highest standards in all the assignments. The internationally experienced management team of DMG and its emphasis ensure that every individual participating in the operations of the company must be a skilled practitioner of his own field.

DMG Consulting Pvt. Ltd. places the highest priority in ensuring that its client benefits optimally from each assignment. DMG therefore adopts an Implementation Oriented Practical approach for its assignments, not stopping merely at reports but assisting in its implementation as well.

Over a number of years staying in consulting services through DMG Consulting Pvt. Ltd., the group realized that the implementation of different development projects should be one of the important aspects of DMG Consulting, hence the Development Management Trust (DMT)-a non profit body has been formed.